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KilimNet, located in Istanbul, is a Turkish company. KilimNet was founded in 1995 as a sister company of Kilim Computer Systems which has demonstrated staying power, dedication and experience in a highly volatile industry since 1988. KilimNet offers cost-effective and efficient solutions on information technologies and provides organizations of all scales with turn-key solutions for their networking needs.

KilimNet offers engineering and consulting services in the areas of networking and telecommunications. A detailed description of services and the areas of expertise is presented in Services.

Kilimnet is also a ISP (Internet Service Provider) with a wide range of services all around the country. We offer Internet access over circuit- and packet-switched semi-permanent (leased), copper, fiber lines and over 3G mobile connection to virtually any location in the country. Our connectivity options cover a broad range of solutions for individuals and organizations of any scale that demand to establish a commercial presence on the Internet. Within the context of Internet services, KilimNet also provides solutions in the areas of business communications, content management, electronic commerce, web-database integration, network security and training.

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