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Local and Wide Area Networking
  • Feasibility studies/design and implementation of connectivity over a local area network
  • Feasibility studies/design and implementation of connectivity over a wide area network
  • Integration/migration of applications between different platform and operating systems
  • Sharing and distributing information within the corporate structure and employment of planned security strategies
  • Consolidation of Voice/Image/Video/Data for Enterprise networks
  • Voice-over-IP and Voice-over-Frame Relay solutions (For enterprise and small-scale WAN connections)
  • Design and implementation of security measures to protect corporate data in the presence of WAN/Internet connection

Internet Services
  • Internet access over 3G, xDSL,Frame Relay/leased lines Internet access for individuals and small offices Web site design and hosting Web-Database integration .net, PHP, CGI and Java programming
  • Network security and firewall installation/implementation

  • F.O, 3G, F/R, TDM, PCM, xDSL, ISDN, PABX and call center applications
  • SDH, PDH, multiplexing and radio link transmission solutions

Software Development

KilimNet as a Microsoft .Net Partner, develops custom-designed software products using and Microsoft products on NT/Unix platforms.
  • Corporate messaging systems and work flow (Intranet)
  • Electronic commerce
  • On-line banking
  • Protection of corporate data/network security
  • Web-database integration
  • User accounting for Internet Service Providers


KilimNet provides organizations of any scale with consulting sevices and feasibility analysis in the following areas:
  • LAN/WAN Applications
  • Internet/Intranet/Extranet services
  • Software/Hardware products for network security
  • Telecommunications and transmission applications
  • Software and Hardware selection for Internet Service Providers
  • Strategic planning for future expandibility

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